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  • I have sensitive ears, what hardware do you use for the earrings?
    I only use hypoallergenic hardware for all my earrings. As far as the specific alloys, it varies; sterling silver, rose gold, surgical steel and a generic hypoallergenic bronze alloy.
  • Can I use the board as a cutting board? Won't it scratch the resin?
    I use the highest quality resin for all of my charcuterie boards. Once cured the resin essentially becomes similar to any other plastic cutting board. I recommend using them as a decorative kitchen piece that sits in a window sill where natural light can illuminate the resin. The boards can be used as a charcuterie spread for events and parties. That being said, there are many people that also use the boards like a traditional cutting board. The wood & resin can both be sanded and oiled anytime to make it look new again. I recommend using 220 sand paper and food grade mineral oil. Both can be found at your local hardware store.
  • What are the knives made out of?
    I work with another company that makes the steel. It is 67 layers of Damascus Steel AUS 10. I then individually design and create the handles with my signature Wood & Resin style.
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